Storm from Pacific to Bombard Northwestern USA

Storm from Pacific to Bombard Northwestern USA
Satellite Image of Northwestern USA


The National Weather Service (NWS) has cautioned about the storm that is going to hit this mid-October of North-western Pacific. Many meteorologists are worrying this as a remnant of Typhoon Songda.

And may it would be the top 10 windstorms ever to hit the area.

"This would bring damaging wind gusts to the higher population centres of the I-5 corridor in the Pacific Northwest, including Seattle and Portland," The Weather Channel reports.

The storm affecting area would be more on the northern Oregon and southern Washington shorelines. The wind may range between 50 – 60 kmph from Seattle to Portland. These winds are highly capable to down trees and may lead to the power outages.

The National Weather Service ( NWS) has issued a high-wind warning for the greater Portland area from 11 a.m. PT Saturday until 12 a.m. PT Sunday (2 p.m. ET Saturday to 3 a.m. ET Sunday).

The NWS has also warned that this storm may cause the "sneaker waves."

SNEAKER WAVES: these are well known to sweep the people and their pets out unto sea without warning. So, it got the name sneaky.


It often happens when the waves are 4-6 feet in the open sea. And also, it is supported by a massive gust of winds.

Earlier this week, On Washington's coast, people say it was very concerned that the storm would create a swell that would breach a sea wall separating its main village from the Pacific Ocean.

In Washington, Coast Guard officials were dispatched to rescue 40 teenagers and six adults who became stranded at Camp David Jr. County Park on the Olympic Peninsula Friday night.

The areas along the coast will witness the coast battering because of huge tides.

The first storm came Thursday night, wiping out power to thousands. More than 6,600 customers were still without power in Seattle as of 6 a.m. PT (9 a.m. ET), Puget Sound Energy said on its website.


On Friday, the Coast Guard had rescued 40 children and six adults at a camp in Washington where they were stranded when trees fell and blocked a road, authorities said.



Storm from Pacific to Bombard Northwestern USA

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